Sunday, April 6, 2014

Work in progress - Frog & Lilly Pads

A little more progress was made on the frog on the lilly pads painting I started the other day. I think that flower is popping nicely...Today, after I finish up the ad changes I am working on for the day-job, I will add some red to it, and continue on with some more of the lilly pads.


  1. I think that with a combination of the Photoshop magic you mentioned earlier and your own skill and imagination this will look like an illustration for a children´s book. Now there´s an idea....

  2. lol, illustrating a book would be too much like work. I really don't like doing anything that I have to do what someone else has in mind... I do that with my day-job. Maybe if I wrote the book it would be an option. :)