Sunday, May 18, 2014

Post Mother's Day Depression

I've been feeling a little melancholy today. I think it's because we just celebrated Mother's Day last weekend, and my Mom and Gloria have been on my mind. This morning I had an overwhelming feeling of grief strike me out of the blue. I wanted to pick up the phone and talk to my Mom. It's been 14 years for Gloria, and 13 since my Mom passed away... but sometimes the grief is as strong as if it happened only yesterday.

Maybe it is all the stress I am under. Still in recovery from surgery, the wounds are taking forever to heal, but at least they are healing. Matthew's first year of college was a complete disaster, and we are trying to get him on track this summer. He's out working with his father on a side job now, and tomorrow he will interview where Jeff works for a summer job... he's also taking a philosophy class at a local college this summer. It just seems like nothing is going right. Matthew can't drive a car yet, because our auto insurance would double, and we just can't afford it... he's going to have to help out with that with the money he makes this summer if he wants to drive. But in the mean-time, it means Mom is Taxi Driver again! Work for me is as stressful as ever. And I am getting old! I will be 50 in November! The Big 5-0! FIFTY - Holy Cow! How did that happen already!?! Oh well... it is what it is.

Got my hair colored and cut last night (thank God for my big brother) I don't look like an old hag right now.

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