Thursday, July 17, 2014

zentangle & zendala

This is what I worked on last night while Matthew was in his Philosophy class. I can't find my camera, so I had to take this photo with my cell phone... I hate it when I am stressed out and clean house, I can't remember where I put things... at least I hope that is what happened and I will eventually find my camera!


  1. Having just returned from the coast, maybe it´s natural for me to see the top design as an under water scene with lots of seaweed and pebbles and even a few little darting fish. Whatever inspired you though, it´s very attractive and I especially like the colours.

    PS Hope you´ve found your camera by now.

  2. If I hadn't read Helen's comment, I wouldn't have seen the underwater, but more like a grape arbor. It is very handsome. Also hoping you've found your camera, but wondering what's up with you waiting for Matthew's class? I've missed a piece here it seems.

  3. It's a long story, but Matthew is taking a class philosophy class this summer at a local college, to save gas money, I wait for him while he is in class. Matthew has been working full time doing landscaping all summer, he will be buying his own first car soon. :)

    I have not found my camera yet, I still have hope that it is here somewhere... I guess it's time to do more cleaning, although that might have been how I misplaced it to start with.