Sunday, November 9, 2014

50th Birthday Bash - Las Vegas

I've wanted to go to Las Vegas for quite some time, my friend Jan and her husband Bill talked us into going to celebrate my 50th birthday. We were there for 3 nights... long enough to lose all the money we brought with us to the casinos... but we had a great time!

Flying above the clouds...

 I thought it was really interesting that some of the fields are planted in circles.
First sight of the mountains...

That is one big sandbox...

It's amazing, when you stop and think about it, that you can get on a plane 
in South Bend Indiana, and 3 hours later you are in Sin City! 

Liberace's car... no doubt about it!

We talked Jeff into having his photo taken with these girls dressed as showgirls on the strip,
I don't know if they really are, or if they just dress up to earn money.
$10 for the photo, EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE in Las Vegas!

These photos were taken at the conservatory in the Bellagio. 
I bet the Christmas display would be grand to see,
the fall display was marvelous! Mums were everywhere!

These are made of blown glass and hang at the entrance to the conservatory.

This was actually inside the building... the sky is painted.
We had dinner at this burger joint the first evening.

I didn't get to see the "Welcome to Las Vegas" Sign,
but we did see other famous signs like this Circus Circus.

My Dad and Sharon gave us our accommodations for the trip, 
we stayed at the Marriot Grand Chateau 
(the tall building to the right of the Harley Davidson Cafe.)

Jan and I teased our men that this was the show we wanted to go see
while we were in Las Vegas. Every day we would see this sign on the
way to the Las Vegas Strip... Maybe next time! ;)

We did go to see Zarkana. 
It was a wonderfully weird show! Very entertaining...
Comedy, dance, acrobatics, art, it was amazing!

 It's official now... I am 50 years old, and one more of my bucket list items has been checked off.

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  1. A very belated Happy Birthday, Deb! Judging by the photos I can´t imagine a better birthday present. They´re absolutely spectacular and give me the impression that Las Vegas is a sort of glitzy glamorous and extremely expensive Disney World for adults. I don´t know which I like best but perhaps Liberace´s car and your husband between those 2 beautiful showgirls say it all. The only thing you missed which I´d definitely have done was to get remarried by an Elvis impersonator but even without that highlight I´m still madly envious!