Thursday, March 12, 2015

Race to the Finish Trade Show

The 2015 Master Distributors - Race to the Finish Tradeshow is now over! It was a great experience, I'll have some photos to share with you later... sure wish they had it on Thursday and Friday so I would have had the weekend to recover before heading back to work... but gotta get ready for the day! I'll be back later... :)

We had a professional photographer who took more photos than what you will see here, these are just my "reference photos" for next year so that I know what signs and banners I need to make.

Day 1 - Meetings & Customer Appreciation  Cocktail Party & Dinner

Day 2 - The Trade Show


  1. Wow! Looks like lots of work for you. It must be a good time for the attendees.

  2. Yes, it was lots of work for me, but it was worth it... the attendees did have a good time, and I enjoyed the cocktails and dinner too. I love my new job. I have never felt so appreciated or welcomed as I do now. All of the people I work with are so friendly and it is a great work environment. Next year will be much better... most of the stuff you see here was designed before I got there... I just made it all work. I'm looking forward to coming up with the theme, designing my own arrangements and everything else that goes with it. I really had fun putting the flower arrangements together... I had never done that before, so I watched a bunch of videos on youtube, and did just fine. I would not have used a bud vase if I had planned/purchased for the flower arrangements for the cocktail/dinner party... but next year will be better. :)