Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mom's curse...

Here is our handsome boy with a little photoshop filter work. Odin is so spoiled! Here he was looking at Matthew waiting for him play... Odin thinks he has to play all the time! Odin is 27 lbs. now... 27 lbs of non-stop action and adventure! He loves to run around the yard and recently has been playing "keep-away from Mom!"... Doesn't matter what it is, a sock, a pen, anything he can get in his mouth... as I was running around the living room end-table trying to catch him with some "thing that is not yours"..., I thought of my Mom and the times she would be chasing us around the dining room table... I think my "Mom's curse" ... you know the one... "you better be good, or someday you are going to have kids of your own and they will be twice as bad as you are".... well... I'm thinking since Matthew didn't live up to her "expectations" in that regard, she sent me this puppy! I'm just kidding... he's a good puppy... when he's sleeping!

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! It's good to see him full of energy after his being sick when you went to get him.