Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tamper Tantrum

I had a little piece of scrap paper left over from the Cherry Blossoms painting, so last night I thought I would just play with it. I had a lovely little mountain landscape thing going, was almost done with it, and then... WHAM! I screwed it up! What's a girl to do? Yep... smear the paint all over the paper until it was just a muddy mess, then add some color and get the rest of the frustration out... Yep, this is a temper tantrum. :)


  1. Uh oh! That does look like quite a tantrum. I think winter makes everything more frustrating, so think spring and let it go. Maybe a collage candidate? Or just a good venting. Hope tomorrow is a more positive day. We could all use that.

  2. More a "tempera" tantrum, ha ha...(I know the feeling.)