Sunday, May 3, 2015

My paintings from Wine & Canvas Events.

These are the two painting I did over the weekend at Wine & Canvas Events. I think they turned out pretty good... yes, I could pick them apart and tell you everything I think is wrong with them, that is my nature, but I had fun, and with practice I will get better at it. It's hard to "copy" someone else's work... no matter how hard you try it's going to be different, unless you use a copy machine or lucy. I really hope this opportunity to teach works out... but if not, I had fun and know where to go now when I want to have a fun night out with friends. :)

Edit: Got an email from Wine & Canvas... I am one step closer to being an Artist/Teacher for them... not sure what the next step is, but I am game if they are... happy dance! :)

Update: I had an interview with the office manager a couple days ago. The owner is out of town until Tuesday, so she can't give me any answer until he gets back, but the plan is that they will train me over the summer, and I can teach some of the small classes for the children at first, then by the fall, when they get really busy again, I should be ready to teach the big night classes. I really hope this works out... I really want to do this. :)


  1. Yay! Fun paintings, even though they are not what I've seen you do before.

  2. If I teach for them, I will be teaching some paintings of my own design, so I am sure some Zentangle Inspiration will make it's way into the paintings.... They offer a wide selection of paintings... some are very simple in comparison to these. I am waiting to hear when my interview is with the manager... that is the next step in the process..

  3. Good luck, I'm so excited for you!