Saturday, May 16, 2015

Silly Puppy!

Matthew was away for a couple days, so I had to run home at lunch time to let Odin out. It was a sunny day yesterday, and he wanted to roll in the grass and was sticking his tongue out... so I had to take some photos! He is such a silly puppy! We just love him.... He had his first visit with the Veterinarian this past week... she doesn't think he is the breeds they told us he was, she doesn't think he is going to be a big dog... maybe a couple pounds bigger than he is now. That's ok... he might be little, but he has a big bark! I can tell he is feeling better. He has been a bundle of energy (except when he is sleeping)... and has started to play bite and rough house a little bit... I've had to calm him down a few times. I got him a toy that I can put a little peanut butter into which keeps him occupied when we are eating dinner... but I haven't found a toy that he can chew on that he can't rip apart yet... he needs something... I'll have to keep looking.

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