Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Note Cards to sell at the show on Saturday.

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These are some Note Cards I had printed of one of my larger artworks. I printed them two up on cardstock them trimmed, folded and packaged them up into 10 packs. I already sold two packages of them to an artist friend of mine on Facebook. I also sold two individual greeting card artworks to another artist friend on facebook! I am just tickled pink that someone actually liked my work enough to buy it! I know, they are friends, but still... it makes you feel good. :)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I didn´t actually intend to delete my comment but it showed up twice although I only posted it once. What I said was that I love your cards and understand how you feel about having sold them. Even friends don´t buy something they don´t really like so it´s a great compliment.
      (If this comment appears twice, take that as a compliment too!)

  2. You are probably at the show right this minute and having a super time. These cards look fabulous! I agree with Helen, even friends won't buy things they don't like. Thanks for the info on comments - it has sometimes been frustrating not finding a comment area.

  3. I got home from the show around 10pm and had to do some day-job work. A friend took photos at the show and said she will post them tomorrow. I am beat and ready to call it a night. Only a handful of people I didn't know came to the show. Gotta love my friends and family! I did sell a few things. It was a good learning experience... a good start. :)