Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Abstract Artwork - With Zentangle Inspiration

Here is another 20 x 30 inch painting I started yesterday with zentangle inspiration. The commissioned artwork I did last week wasn't quite the same as this one, because in last weeks painting, I was working from a basic concept from a smaller painting I had done a couple years ago. 

This is different in that I don't have any idea what this is going to look like until it is done. I think that is what I like about doing this kind of artwork.

Choosing the patterns I want to use in each shape, if I want the area to light and airy or dense with detail, and then seeing how it looks once I am done with that shape is delightful, and sometimes bewildering. How am I going to make that big spiral work with the rest of this... only time will tell. It will work, or it won't, we will see. :)

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