Friday, September 19, 2014

Are you?

A Facebook friend of mine, a wonderfully talented artist, posed the question on her newsfeed: "Are you a 'Professional Artist'"?

That is a loaded question. If I judge my work to another's to decide that, if I consider them a far superior artist to myself, then I would have to say "no". But then I am judging my "Beginnings" to someone else's "middle".

If I look back at the artwork I did two years ago, and the artwork I am doing now, that I have sold some of my artwork, that I have been given commissions, entered art shows, and participated in art fairs, Not to mention that I have been a graphic designer/artist for over 20 years... then I would say "yes" to that question.

Again I am reminded of the words from my college professor, to "think like a designer" when I wanted to become a designer.

But there is still that little voice inside my head that laughs at me! "You DARE to consider yourself a "Professional Artist", let alone an "ARTIST?" Where does that "voice" come from? Why am I so hard on myself? "People will scoff at you if you call yourself a Professional Artist!" the voice says. "Oh SHUT UP Critic in my head!" Says I, I'm going to go paint!

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