Sunday, October 5, 2014

Adding color to my sketchbook

Well, I just couldn't help myself! I was going to do nothing but black and white in this new sketchbook, but when I started working on the spirals (on the top posted page), I knew that I was going to add color... then, well, the cat was out of the bag... so... color it is. It's stupid to limit myself.


  1. My sentiments exactly!
    I like both your b&w and your coloured pages. Love the combination of orange and pink in the top one, also the feeling of movement which struck me immediately. The bottom one is striking due to those black glassy "beads" which so cleverly lead the eye up through the painting.

  2. Thank you Helen, I really enjoyed my time with these drawings. These are in a hard bound sketchbook which I am going to keep for myself, and I will use it when I lead workshops some day in the future. I've also been including "step-by-step" pages to remind myself how to draw the different patterns in the sketchbook.

  3. I absolutely love the bottom one! You could scan it and use it for a card front.

    Black and white has its place, but so does color! Have fun!

    It's your sketchbook, you can do what you want in it. If you trundle through my sketchbooks, every now and then there is one that just doesn't belong... think the song from Sesame Street... I have learned to live with it :) (besides a surprise is good, right...)