Monday, December 16, 2013


I'm almost done decorating for Christmas. I have to drudge down to the basement tomorrow and see if I can find the rest of the garland I KNOW is down there somewhere! My poor tree is missing it's garland on the bottom, so I cannot show it to you yet, it would be to embarrassed to be seen with a bare-bottom! lol. I do however have something I can show you, I finally finished the abstract mixed medium (acrylic & marker) painting I have been working on. I added some "white flakes" which made it look like a snow storm to me, so I named it "Flurries". Next time, I will add more white to the green to lighten up the "pine needles" in the background, there just wasn't enough contract between them and the black, but I don't think it looks horrible, just will make sure to go lighter next time, as acrylic paint does dry darker.


  1. I thought at first that this was a beautifully wrapped Christmas present. It´s a lovely festive painting but it really would make an attractive and original wrapping too.

  2. Thank you, I thought it felt a bit on the festive side, with the pine needles and berries. :)