Thursday, December 12, 2013

New opportunity

I had a new opportunity pop up this week. I am so excited. There is a new restaurant in Mishawaka Indiana called Jay's Table that just opened. A friend of mine's husband is manager there, and he told the owner about me. They show (and sell) local artist's work in the restaurant. I went and showed him my work and he picked out 14 of my artworks. These are the first 9 I am going to be showing very soon. The other 6 will have to wait until I can get frames for them. I will share photos with you when they are hung in the restaurant.


  1. How fabulous! Everything looks great and it is a wonderful opportunity. Our little group show runs to Christmas and on the 31st we're hanging in a restaurant. It is a little smaller space and we will probably only have two works each. But, hey, it's another place to show. I'm so impressed that you get a whole show at this one.

  2. Thanks Jean. I am getting excited about hanging them. I will hear soon when he wants me to bring them in. I would like to get them up before Christmas in hope that people would buy them as gifts. I have six more that I will hang on the second batch.