Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alex's Painting - work in progress 2

Here is an update on the painting I am working on for Alex. Been busy with day-job work, but I managed to find a few stolen moments to spend with this today.


  1. Lovely joyful summery colours, quite fruity and floral though the black “petals” around what, with a stretch of the imagination, might be a sunflower add a touch of menace which is quite unsettling. You said in an earlier post that these art works have a mind of their own. I tend to believe that the mind in question is the subconscious of the artist. In either case, it´ll be interesting to see where that mind leads you.

  2. Definitely second Helen's opinion on the subconscious of the artist. Also really like what has appeared so far on this one. You know I like the strong black shapes with all the color.

  3. Well, I agree about the subconscious thing, but I also think that the viewers subconscious plays a big part in the interpretation of abstract art. Where one person sees one thing, someone else sees something else. I guess that is what I love about abstract art... I hope to have time to work on this painting again tomorrow, as I have four magazines going to print tonight. I'm looking forward to getting back to this. :)