Monday, August 4, 2014

Live and Learn...

Playing with watercolors and masking fluid,  This started out great, but then in the third photo, as I was taking off the masking fluid some of the paper came up with it... so it's a do-over in the works.

But I really think I want to make some changes anyway. I left the masking fluid on painted, added more masking fluid, painted, then took all the masking off...

this time I am going to paint and take off the masking fluid, paint again, and then add masking fluid again, each time, taking off the masking before I add more,.

I am going to make sure the paper is completely dry before I add any more fluid, that might have been why the paper broke down. Live and Learn.

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully you can trim the piece down and salvage some of it for card fronts. I haven't worked much with masking fluid, but if it stayed on the paper too long it becomes attached. In other words, work quickly. My bottle says to remove as soon as dry and don't apply to damp or soft sized paper. Good luck, but most of all have fun!