Saturday, August 16, 2014

ArtBeat 2014

If you found my blog from my business card at ArtBeat, My Facebook artist page is located at:

Andi & Deb at ArtBeat

Here is my booth/canopy at ArtBeat today. I sold three greeting cards... If I do this show again next year, I would have a lot more inexpensive items to sell, and not bring so many expensive things. I would also put some kind of lighting inside the tent... it was too dark in there. Oh well, you live and learn I guess. Big thanks to my friend Andi for keeping me company and helping out at the event!


  1. Deb, sorry you didn't sell more as the work looks great. Pricing at these events must be tricky. As you say, have to do it to learn it. Also glad to see your FB link. As I don't do FB, I hadn't seen it before. It too is looking good. And, last, I'm so happy to see one of your works down along the table in the first photo. It is one I have always admired.

  2. Thanks Jean. One good thing that might be coming out of ArtBeat is a commission to do a large painting for a local young couple. It's very exciting! I will keep you posted. :)